The rental agreement is a document signed between the renter (that is, the reservation holder) and the car rental company when renting a car. It establishes the terms and conditions of your reservation, as well as any optional services and/or coverages you may choose.

It is a very important document and should be read carefully, as all information about the reservation will be detailed in it, such as:

Fees and costs

  • Additional charges (for example, for additional drivers, young drivers, one-way rentals, etc.).

Conditions of use

  • Fuel policy (for example, whether the car should be returned with a full tank);

  • Geographical restrictions (areas where the car can be used).

Return conditions

  • Vehicle return procedures;

  • Vehicle inspection upon return.

General terms

  • Cancellation policy;

  • Maintenance and repair policy;

  • Renter's responsibilities in case of traffic fines.

Among other information.


Review all information carefully before signing the agreement, as once signed, no part of the rental can be canceled; 

The rental agreement will be provided to the reservation holder by the rental company at the time of car pickup.