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What are ALI, PAI and TP protections for? Should I contract them with my rental?
Additional Liability Insurance (ALI ) provides additional protection for bodily injury, death or property damage protects. It is not mandatory, but it ...
Ter, 27 Out, 2015 na (o) 3:21 PM
Are there any items not covered by insurance?
Yes, insurance policies normally exclude items such as tires, windscreens, wheels, undercarriage damage (caused by off-road driving), interior, personal bel...
Qui, 22 Out, 2015 na (o) 3:07 PM
What is an excess?
An excess is an amount that you will be liable for in case of accidental damage caused to the rental car. It may be possible to reduce the excess by purchas...
Qui, 22 Out, 2015 na (o) 3:06 PM
Can I request a receipt or invoice of my rental?
Rentcars does not issue any receipts or invoices regarding your rental. You must ask the rental car company to provide you such documents.
Seg, 25 Out, 2021 na (o) 4:41 PM