Not showing up on the day of the reservation constitutes what we call a No-show and may result in withholding the value of one day from the total reservation amount or even withholding the total rental amount. 

The rules vary according to each partner rental company's policy, so be sure to inquire about this before picking up your car.

What constitutes a No-show?

If the reservation holder does not show up within the specified rental time, the rental company may request the reservation's cancellation. Pay attention to the cases that fall under the no-show policy:

  • Absence of the reservation holder for vehicle pickup within the allowed time of 29 minutes or 1 hour (for reservations in Brazil) of tolerance, respecting the store's opening hours;

  • Non-utilization of the service for other reasons.

How to avoid no-show fees?

If your plans change, and you know in advance that you won't be able to show up on the day of pickup, go to My Reservations and make changes or request the reservation cancellation.


Also, pay attention to the requirements for renting a car. If the holder arrives at the rental counter, and it is found that the necessary requirements to open the contract are not met, the reservation may be canceled. Be sure to check Rentcars' Terms and Conditions.