Bookings paid for on-line, whether entirely or partially, must be canceled through, never through Paypal or the rental company.

If you cancel your reservation through PayPal, PayPal will have to check whether or not a transaction from you to was completed and if the service paid for was received but, since the booking will still be active, PayPal will understand that the service was in fact received and they will not refund the amount.

When you cancel your booking directly through, we inform PayPal of the cancelation and the amount paid is returned to your account without any hassles.

Find out how to cancel your reservation.

If you cancel your reservation before the pick-up date, you will be charged for 5% of the total amount paid so as to cover the incurred administrative expenses. If you cancel your reservation after the set pick-up date, however, you will be charged a total equivalent to one day daily rate.