When you rent a vehicle with Rentcars.com you can choose between:

  • Payment at destination: Pay for your entire reservation, including any extras, once you reach your destination, directly at the rental company location and in local currency.

  • Online Payment: Pay for your entire reservation, including any extras, online. online payments will be charged in US dollars through PayPal (a global payments platform). For more information on how PayPal works, or to open an account, please visit their Help section.

  • Online Payment + Payment at destination:  pay for your reservation online and for extras   once you reach your destination. (it will be done directly at the rental office in local currency when you pick up your vehicle. Any payments done over-the-counter must be in local currency. 

Important: Most rental companies do not accept cash as a form of payment for your rental. They do, however, accept international credit cards. If you book your rental over the phone, your will receive an e-mail containing a link to our payment section where you will be redirected to our PayPal page.